Learning Hub

Young Adults have encountered numerous challenges when accessing further education. In light of this, the hospice has collaborated with Clyde College to furnish educational opportunities for young adults within the hospice.

The hospice has established a Learning Hub once a week. Several lecturers from the college have generously volunteered their time to support young adults' learning by providing opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in their chosen subjects.

Poetry is among the many subjects on offer. The following poems have been penned by two of the young adults attending the poetry learning Hub.

living well hub


I was involved from the first session, and I found it to be a very positive and delightful experience. The lecturer is highly enthusiastic and passionate about young people finding poetry fun. She brought a lot of enjoyment into the subject.

From a staff member  

The young adults seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sessions – lots of smiles and laughter. You could see their confidence growing week by week. They have displayed amazing talent and have written their own poems.

The poetry sessions have been amazing; the participation from the young adults has been fantastic, and their input into the sessions has been invaluable.

By Sean O’Hagan

 Take a walk through a meadow

warm sunlight radiates overhead

the fragrant smell of flowers hits the nostrils

as butterflies and bees go about their business

the sound of birdsong permeates the ears


Take a stroll along the beach

the waves crash against the rocks

the scent of salt and seaweed in the air

as evening approaches the sun descends

towards the sea as sky turns a deep crimson


Take a trek through the forest in autumn

as trees become vibrant with colour

leaves crunch under foot

animals gather food ready for hibernation

the smell of smoke from a nearby campfire

Take a wander in the countryside at night

in cool evening air

under a blanket of stars with only the moonlight to guide you

to contemplate the mysteries above

as an owl hoots in the distance

These are things I think are beautiful

By Cole Culverwell


Leaves, dark nights,


Pumpkins, trick or treating.


Snow, cold

Wrap up, hot drinks

Home for Christmas.


Baby chicks, leaping lambs

Yellow daffodils like

the Sun,

Chocolate eggs.


Sunshine beaming

bees buzzing

flowers blooming

family holidays