As a specialist palliative care unit, The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice offers an education service to health and social care professionals and students, in all healthcare settings.

For hospice employees and volunteers

Our in-house education and training programme is central to the development of our staff and volunteers.

The development of our workforce is key to our success.

It is through our workforce that we are able to give the best in compassionate care, and provide the best service for our patients, their carers, families and friends.

For staff employed by the hospice there are many opportunities to continue professional development learning and we have a robust mentorship programme to support them in their broader studies.

Everyone has responsibility for their own learning, but we provide many opportunities and support to make this achievable.

We support secondments to other clinical areas, and also within the hospice, and attendance at conferences and courses in encouraged.

Our commitment to lifelong learning extends to non-clinical staff and volunteers who receive specific training as well as personal development in areas such as communication skills.

Education Suite

For the external health and social care community

As a specialist palliative care unit we are committed to providing educational programmes for health and social care professionals within the greater Glasgow and Clyde area, and students studying healthcare.

Professionals can come to us for specific training needs, or our staff can come out to speak to an external audience who are looking for specific mentorship and guidance.

We are involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate study, and have a busy programme of students at the hospice on placement.

We deliver the majority of our education progammes in-house in our well-equipped training room, with our education library, providing a resource for in-house and external professionals.

We take the education of all health and social care professionals seriously, and we always strive in our education to be inclusive, forward-thinking, and to remain a central part of the bigger palliative care research and education conversation.

We look forward to having you learn with the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.