Hospice Experience

Hospice Experience


People are at the heart of The Princes & Princess of Wales Hospice.  And our philosophy is that the people we support should be central to any decisions about their care, and the support we provide for them. 

Everyone has a valued perspective on what we offer, and we want everyone to feel they have a voice in developing new and existing hospice services.

We are always keen to hear about your experiences of the hospice; what has worked and where we could improve.  Your feedback helps us to look at things through fresh eyes and helps us to develop how we do things on a day-to-day basis as well as changes to our services.  You can give us feedback in several ways:

  • Informal feedback to any member of the hospice team.

Leave your comments throughout short online survey here

  • Fill in one of our ‘You Said’ cards, available in the hospice.
  • Writing in person to:

Director of Clinical Services,

The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, 20 Dumbreck Road, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, G41 5BW

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The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice aims to settle the majority of complaints quickly and satisfactorily.  The complaint may be resolved by  an apology, by providing the service required, or by providing an acceptable explanation to the individual.

Individuals wishing to make a complaint can contact the hospice by:

  • Emailing
  • Writing to: Rhona Baillie, Chief Executive, The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, 20 Dumbreck Road, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, G41 6BW
  • Using the Complaints: Comments and suggestions form. This is available on request from the hospice.

We can provide support to individuals who require assistance to ensure they are able to express their complaint adequately.  Our aim is to resolve any complaint within 30 working days and to provide you with a full explanation of the outcome. 

Should you feel your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily by the hospice, you may contact Healthcare Improvement Scotland (our care regulator).  To make a complaint or for advice, contact:

Programme Manager, Independent Healthcare Services Team
Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9EB

Tel: 0131 623 4342 (10am-2pm, Monday to Friday)


We will always handle your personal data securely and in accordance with current UK legislation.  To find out more about how we use your data, please read out Privacy Statement

Our Engagement and Experience Charter

As someone with experience of hospice services, we will - 

Treat you with dignity and respect

Value your contribution

Work and make decisions with you

Be fair and just with you

Make sure you are encouraged and supported to speak your mind at at a level you are comfortable with

Make sure all our feedback opportunities are accessible

Be clear with you on what you're being asked to be involved with

Be clear with you about how your views will be used and what you can expect to happen

Ensure your confidentiality is maintained and your experiences are only shared with appropriate people and for a defined period of time. And always with your consent

Why Engagement and Experience matters

Engagement is about enabling people to voice their views, needs and wishes, and to contribute to plans, proposals, and decisions about services.  We recognise that everyone has a valuable contribution to make to the development of new and existing hospice services.   There is also growing evidence to demonstrate a link between feedback and engagement and better health outcomes.  Giving us constructive feedback on your experience has benefits for you and the hospice:


You are informed and involved and your views are considered and valued

The staff caring for you will tailor your care to meet your expressed needs

Your views will positively influence the development, design and delivery of hospice services

You have opportunities to meaningfully inout into decisions about your care

Your views will offer the hospice evidence of an enhanced quality experience.

You will help raise awareness of hospice services and highlight any potential barriers to accessing our services

How do we get feedback?

We receive feedback on services in a variety of ways, including: questionnaires, focus groups, and online surveys.  These include:


What do we do with your feedback?

Any feedback you give us will help us form a picture of how well, or how badly a service is performing and will be considered by staff teams when reflecting on service improvements.  If you want, we can let you know directly what happened because of your feedback.  All feedback is considered and reported through our ‘You Said.  We Did’ presentations which can be found in the foyer and on noticeboards in the hospice.

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 You Said, We Did

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