Social Work

The Social Work Service consists of a qualified Social Worker who has more than 20 years of working within Local authority Social Work and in Palliative care for seven years.

Our Social Worker is available four days per week.

What does the service offer?

We can provide individual support, advice and guidance to patients, families and carers on a range of areas which can include the following –

  • Emotional support
  • Carer Information and support
  • Housing issues
  • Financial information
  • Welfare benefits
  • Vulnerable adults and child protection issues
  • Legal issues such as accessing solicitors for Power of Attorney and wills
  • Liaising with various care, education, health, housing and support agencies
  • Advocating on behalf of patients and their families with various agencies

If you would like to access of any of these services please contact the hospice switchboard and ask for the Family Support Service on 0141 429 5599 or Contact Us.

Social work