Young Adult Service

Young Adult Service

We recognise there is a growing need for palliative care services specifically for young people and their families, as part of the transition from child to adult palliative care. This is an important part of the national policy on palliative care.

Due to developments in care, many young people are living longer with conditions that were at one time limited to childhood, and the population of young people with life-limiting and life-shortening conditions is growing.

The transition between services for children and adults can be challenging as young people leave a familiar care setting, and we have been working to understand what the needs of these young people are in order to provide the most appropriate care at Glasgow's new hospice.

As our services for young people develops in the new hospice, we will ensure that they will have their own space to relax and enjoy the company of their friends and family.

“How we communicate with children and young people about their health is important,” said Dr Laura Kelly, lead consultant in palliative medicine at The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.

“Sometimes they want to talk about their situation but they also want to live as much as they can in the moment. The relationship that young people have with their peers is so important to them, so in our new hospice we have to look at how to support them to live life to the full.”

A report on the innovative pilot trialling the provision of a new specialist short break stay service for young adults with life-limiting conditions, including the sharing of the pilot evaluation, learnings, and recommendations for the future.

Short Break Stay pilot: report

Young Adult Service