Online Adult Bereavement Peer Support Group 2022


Online Adult Bereavement Peer Support Group 2022

PPWH Family Support Services and East Renfrewshire Carers Centre are delighted to be launching a new Virtual Adult Bereavement Support Group.

We are happy to offer up to 12 group peer support sessions throughout 2022. Our first group will take place on Monday 28th February, 10am to 12pm with future groups scheduled for the last Monday of the month.  The group is limited to 15 participants.

The online group will meet monthly to provide a safe space for those who are bereaved by a significant loss. The purpose of the group is to help bereaved adults normalise their grief process through interaction with others via an online platform to develop social networks and strengthen resilience. Please note that this is not a therapeutic group.

If you would like more information or let us know if you would like to join the group, please let us know by:

Friday 18th February by calling: 0141 429 5599 (for Family Support Services) or by emailing: 

The group is guided by The Bereavement Charter for Scotland (2020) which states that bereaved people in Scotland should:

  • be treated with compassion, empathy, and kindness

  • have their wishes, choices and beliefs listened to, considered, and respected by all

And that Scotland should be a place where:


  • grief, bereavement, and death are recognised as a natural part of life

  • there is an open culture which is supportive of people having the opportunity to grieve

  • accessing support (including emotional, practical, financial, social, and spiritual) is seen as a right

  • efforts are made to ensure that adequate bereavement support is accessible for everyone

  • people have space and time to grieve 

  • it is recognised that bereavement might affect all aspects of a person’s life

(e.g., relationships, school, workplace)

(The Charter and additional information can be found at

Yours Sincerely

Family Support Services