Inpatient Unit

Inpatient unit

Inpatient unit

In Patient Unit 

Our inpatient unit (IPU) is where we provide specialist treatment. The IPU has 16 en-suite, private rooms across two areas. People can be admitted for different reasons, such as for pain management, control of symptoms or end of life care.  Our specialist team is on hand to help relieve symptoms and deal with any problems such as persistent nausea, fatigue or breathing difficulties. 

Your care

On admission to the hospice, you are always under the care of a named consultant. On a daily basis our speciality doctors work in IPU alongside our consultants, specialised nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and pharmacists. Consultant ward rounds on the IPU are every Tuesday and Friday throughout the day. Planned meetings with your consultant normally take place on Tuesday and Friday. However, our speciality doctors and nursing team are available throughout the week to answer any questions. 

Length of Stay

Staying at the hospice is not a long-term care option. Patients are usually admitted for two weeks, to assess your symptoms and needs. In that time hospice staff regularly meet you and your family to plan the most appropriate future care. If your current home or care setting is no longer suitable staff will work with you and your family to find an alternative place for you. 

Hospice Facilities

Each of the rooms has its own patio and access to the communal seating area.  Your family, carers and friends can visit the hospice at any time. We also have a family social area which we encourage patients and families to use as a place to relax or share a meal. You are welcome to visit our BARGACREE Café  on the ground floor of the hospice. It is open from 8am to 7pm. Our gardens are open to patients and visitors and you can also access them in a wheelchair or a bed.  Please speak to staff about our facilities for families staying overnight.

For more information about admission to the hospice please contact us on 0141 420 6785.