Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice
The hospice gives you the help you need and the care you want. The nurses were really good with my dad Bernie, and they tried to accommodate me and my mum as well as all the family when they came to visit. It wasn’t just about my dad, it was about us too.

 The Butterfly room was a good environment, where I was surrounded by good people. The help I received from the hospice made me develop as a person and realise I have a lot more confidence to speak about my dad and what his illness was like.

The Butterfly Room is used to support younger children who have lost someone or have a loved one in the hospice. It makes you feel more relaxed to know there are people you can speak to.

The hospice matters to everyone. People need more care than hospitals can offer. It’s more homely and caring in the hospice than in a hospital.

People should support the hospice because it needs all the help it can get. It helps your family so much and the support that is given is incredible.

The hospice made me grow as a person, I wouldn’t have got through losing my dad without the hospice.

The hospice is here to give people the life they deserve.

What keeps me going is realising my dad is looking down on me and will be proud of me for how much I helped the hospice.

It’s really important to fundraise for the hospice. In my dad’s tribute fund we have collected £3396.

I have done a couple of 5ks with friends and family, as well as a fundraising night and raised more than £2000. I felt amazing going over the finishing line in the 5k, knowing I did it for my dad.

- Roisin Love

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