Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Tracy Docherty

When Tracy Docherty’s mum died at the hospice, the family vowed to repay the kindness they received. That was five years ago and in that time they have raised more than £38,000 for the Brick by Brick Appeal, to build a new hospice at Bellahouston Park.

Tracy also volunteers, helping in the café at Carlton Place.

“When I’m volunteering in the café I meet people every day who are going through the same journey I was on with my family. They often ask what I’m doing and how I got involved. If I can say a couple of words to them and make them feel better then I’m satisfied. I feel better, I feel as if I’ve done a full day’s work,” says the mum of three from Strathaven.

“People come in and say what is happening with their mum or dad and I can say, ‘That happened to us.’

“They say, ‘Oh, that makes such a difference’. Because I have been through it, that makes them feel so much better.”

Tracy remembers when her mum was transferred from hospital to the hospice that it felt she was coming to a safe environment.

“The hospice is very family orientated and a happy place, though I didn’t know that before coming in for the first time,” she remembers.

“The hospice changed our whole mindset. It felt like a hotel for my mum when she arrived, there was care 24 hours, and anything she wanted she got. There was a lot of spiritual and emotional help for the family too. Every single member of staff makes a difference.

“You’re not on your own, there are other families going in and out, you got to speak to them and hear their experiences.”

The hospice relies on a huge team of volunteers, like Tracy, to keep the wheels in motion. They are a vital resource.

“Any amount that can be raised is a good amount, it doesn’t have to be a lot. Small fundraising ideas all help and the hospice desperately appreciates it,” she adds.

“When you look at the plans for the new hospice, there will be plenty of space for families to sleep overnight and take time out together to use the gardens and the space. There is a real family feel to the surroundings.

“The hospice is a huge part of my family’s life, anything to do with fundraising or charity we do is for The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice because of my mum. She was the most important person in our lives and we’ll do whatever we can for other families to experience the same level of care.

“We wanted my mum to pass away at home but she was too unwell. This was the most family-like environment compared to a hospital. It’s a shame everyone doesn’t get the opportunity to be in a hospice. We are very grateful, and always will be.

“My mum was the most important person in our lives and that will never stop.”

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