Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

James Douglas

James Douglas from Glasgow, whose wife Nancy was a patient

“My relationship with the hospice began when my wife was diagnosed with cancer.

"Before I thought it was a place where people came for end of life care, but when I came to the hospice with Nancy, and she used the services, I realised there was so much available, from complementary therapies to pain management"

"it was about giving people quality of life.

“Nancy and myself benefited from the counsellors at the hospice, who helped us through day to day and brought a bit of quality to our lives.

"It allowed us to still get out and enjoy life, it wasn’t all about staying in the hospice and end of life care. “We were married at the hospice.

"It was something special the two of us wanted. "We asked the chaplain, Rev Leslie Edge, to marry us and it was a very special, wonderful occasion.

"It proves how special the hospice is when unique moments like that can be experienced.“Cancer affects everybody, it doesn’t discriminate.

"You never know when you will need to use a service like the hospice. "It’s reassuring that there are caring people to look after you, and to help support you so you can remain in the community and have a good quality of life.”

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