Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Carla Grant

Carla Grant and her brother in law James Grant

This is Carla Grant's hospice story. Her brother-in-law, James Grant was a patient at The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, first as an outpatient and then in the ward. “The care he received was fantastic, and when he was in the ward the nurses took care of all of us,” she says. James, from Toryglen, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After surgery, doctors managed to remove 95% of the tumour, but said there was still a chance that it could return. When it did, he was told his condition was terminal. “I always remember that the nurses were absolutely fantastic. The slightest of movement from James and they were in and out to make sure he was all right,” says Carla. “We didn’t have to go to the nurses with a concern, they pre-empted everything. And when we were sitting in the family room, staff came in to make sure you were all right. They weren’t just looking after the patient, they were looking after the whole family.

James Grant and his son

They deserve a medal. “James was given 18 months but he only had 14, he was 53 when he died. My husband is the youngest of seven and they’re a very close family. James had a son and we were all at the hospice when he passed away, it was very peaceful.” To remember James and raise money for the hospice, the family decided to take part in Bubble Rush, a hospice fundraising event at Bellahouston Park. “I loved Bubble Rush. That’s what kept me going on the way round: thinking about James.”

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