Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson is a volunteer at the hospice

“I retired several years ago and wanted to do something purposeful. Like most people I was aware of the main task of the hospice but when you’re in the building you become increasingly aware of the huge range of services it provides.

“My perception of the hospice changed dramatically and very quickly when I started volunteering in the HR department. There’s a very warm atmosphere, very easy and comfortable.

"The hospice is a relaxing place and it immediately sets you at ease.

“I wanted to do something purposeful. My wife comes in every fourth Monday with me as part of the Therapet programme with our Golden Retriever Libby. We visit the day services clinic and the wards.

“Why volunteer? I find it very purposeful. I hope I am helpful in some way.

"It is more than just filling time.

"If you can feel that you are doing something valuable it is so much more fulfilling, whether that is in a full-time job or a voluntary position.

“Volunteers are the backbone in many ways of ground level support for the hospice. People can contribute in so many different ways.

"When you’re dealing with people who want to make you comfortable and relaxed it makes it so much easier.

"We all have skills, we can always help, you never know how much just being around can help someone.”

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