Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Shaaista Yousaf held a bake sale to raise money for Glasgow's New Hospice.

Shaaista Yousaf

“It is so important that we raise money for the new hospice because of the facilities it will offer to people.”

If you would like to raise money for The new hospice we are building in Bellahouston Park by holding a bake sale, here are some tips...

1. Get organised. Where are you going to hold your bake sale? Are you going to have a theme? Where are you going to put it on?

2. How much will it cost? How are you going to run the event on the day and what support will you need to deliver it?

3. Pitch the idea to others. Get people to join in and help you. Tell everyone about the event. Invite everyone.

4. Use social and local media to spread the news. Talk to people about the need for the new hospice in Glasgow and your reasons for putting on the bake sale. Use our promotional tools to help.

5. Raise the money – get sponsorship from local businesses, charge a small entry fee. Set up a fundraising page or use ours, and sell, sell, sell those cakes!

6. Congratulations! – we all like prizes so think about giving them out for best in cake show. Come up with other categories too. Everyone likes their baking to be praised. Maybe there's a prize for best pastry. Or best decoration. And there's always a price for best tasting!

7. Think health and safety – make sure you have the necessary legal requirements for everything, covering venue hire, insurance and food and health standards.

8. Talk to our fundraising team – if you need any more information call or email us and we’ll give you our full support.

9. Then get busy baking and remember to have fun!