Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

To speak to someone about any aspect of our hospice care, please contact us.


Give our imaginations flight

Keep our patients, carers, and families in paint, pens, pencils
and paper, by buying art materials for our great art room.


Make us more comfortable

Contribute so we can buy sofas, chairs and tables for the new
hospice. With this donation you will literally become part of
the furniture.


Make us smile

A haircut, a blow-dry, a bit of salon pampering, brings some
sunshine to a day. Give to our hair-dressing services and make
our patients feel and look better.


Buy an hour of nursing time

This donation will mean our wonderful nurses can carry on
caring for our patients in their homes and in the hospice.


Grow your garden

Put roots down at our new hospice in Bellahouston Park. Help
make our garden a place of beauty and tranquility. Your
donation will buy trees, shrubbery, flowers and seeds.


Take us to the spa

Provide a complementary therapy for our patients, such as
massage and reflexology, which helps with stress and anxiety.


Help us listen and comfort

Our counselling services are vitally important, so buying this
service will help us be there for our patients and carers, and to
listen while they share.


Help educate

Our study days help educate the wider Glasgow healthcare
community. Please buy a study day so we can help others
care as well as we do.


Donate a day of services

This money will will pay for one patient to use day services
for a day. Your donation will pay for the physical, emotional
and social support we give.


Run an ambulance for a week

Help patients get access to our services. You donate and
we deliver patients to and from the hospice.


Buy a better night's sleep

A pressure relieving mattress greatly increases the comfort
of our patient’s sleep.