Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Learning disability support

Following on from hosting the award-winning three-year project Learning Disabilities and Palliative Care – Building Bridges: Supporting Care, the hospice has continued to develop its services for people with learning disabilities through staff education.

There are key staff within the clinical areas of the hospice who have developed extended skills and knowledge, to ensure that patients with a learning disability, and their carers, are provided with a high standard of equitable person-centred care, wherever they are being looked after by hospice services.

By hosting the project The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice has ensured that local and strategic links have been made across learning disability and palliative care services.

These links provide partnership working and collaboration, which lead to better outcomes for our patients and their carers.

The hospice continues to move forward with equality and diversity and is ensuring learning disabilities and the young adult service progress together.

More information can be found on the project website.

For more information on the service please contact us by email or call 0141 429 9857 and ask for Liz Smith.

Download the learning disabilities pathway