Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Hospice contact details

If you would like further information please contact The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.

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Building accessibility

There is a ramp entrance to the rear of the building offering direct access from the car park for patients and visitors.

We ask that everyone please visit reception when they first arrive.

View our ramp entrance in Carlton Court

Visiting the hospice

We make it as easy as possible for you to visit The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice as we know that it is an important part of your and your loved one’s day.

You can visit the hospice at any time, though there may be times, such as meal times, or when doctors and nurses are carrying out care, when we may ask you to wait.

During these times you can visit our cafe or dining room while we tend to your family members.

Sometimes patients can find a large number of visitors or lengthy visits tiring, so bear this in mind, and be guided by the nursing staff.

Please also be mindful of the peace and privacy we try to create at the hospice.

On every arrival, please visit our reception area.

Overnight options

Where possible we will cater for the needs of friends and family members who wish to stay with us if your loved one is in our care. Sometimes, however, families may wish to make their own arrangements. 

Please find a list of hotels and hostels that are within easy walking distance of the hospice. 

Local accommodation options

Young visitors

Children are always welcome under the supervision of their parent or guardian.

We have a play area available, but it may be helpful to bring crayons and paper, or a favourite book or toy, to help keep children occupied and busy.

Pet visitors

Pets are welcome too, please get in touch with us before visiting, so we can arrange this for you.

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Food & drink

We have two designated areas where you can relax and have food and drink.

Our dining room to the right of reception, and Café Amar to the left of reception.

The dining room is open seven days a week from 07.30am to 19.00pm, with our great catering team offering homemade wholesome food, and special dietary requirements for patients, visitors and hospice employees.

The café, generously staffed throughout the day by The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice volunteers, provides teas, coffees and light snacks, with our vending machines offering drinks and sandwiches 24 hours a day.

Finding us

We are centrally situated just over the river Clyde from the city centre, where all major public transport links are, including Glasgow Central Station, Queen Street Station, St Enoch or Bridge Street underground stations and local bus stops.

For driving directions using sat nav instructions, our address is The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice, 71 Carlton Place, Glasgow, G5 9TD.

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The hospice has a small car park at the back of the building.

When this is full there is pay and display parking at the front of the building on Carlton Place.

Safety & security

For the safety of everyone, CCTV security cameras are in use both in and around the hospice.

The fire alarm is tested every Wednesday at 11am on a weekly basis.

In the event of a fire hospice staff will advise on the evacuation plan.

Patient confidentiality

The confidentiality of The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice patients is of paramount importance to us.

We understand that visitors and family members wish to be informed of a patient's progress, however we would ask that everyone understand the patient’s permission needs to be sought and granted before any information is shared.

Learn more about patient confidentiality

Infection control

Every care is taken to protect patients from contracting preventable infections.

At the hospice we advise all staff, patients and visitors to wash their hands with our special alcohol gel on entering and leaving any clinical areas, and also to use the hand washing technique shown at each sink when washing your hands with soap.

We have an infection prevention and control team who advise patients, staff and visitors on hand hygiene and environmental cleanliness and also carry out audits on activities such as hand hygiene, waste, safe environment and sharps safety.

They ensure that all staff adhere to the infection prevention control policy which is in line with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s policy.