Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice


Atelier Ten

Atelier Ten is the building services, environmental and fire engineering design consultant to The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.

We seek to deliver sustainable, innovative and healthy buildings for all clients, and this has been exemplified and embedded within the delivery of the new hospice design.

Atelier Ten has been involved with the hospice since 2011 and the close relationship has continued ever since. One of the key aims in developing the design of the building has been to consult and understand the daily operational requirements of the hospice as well as the psychological aspects of its users and staff. This work has provided a great deal of insight, which has enabled the team to deliver a building that is sensitive and responsive to those using it.

The use of natural ventilation, coupled with bright open spaces, sets the building apart from the traditional expectation for a care facility. The fire engineering strategy has helped create large open and inclusive lounge areas as a replacement for restrictive traditional corridors. This open design reduces the clinical feel of the building and provides a much warmer and welcoming homely atmosphere.

The building operates with passive principles as a first measure, utilising the natural ventilation in large sections of the building. There is good access to natural light through the design of glazed facades as well as several light wells dropping from roof to lower ground floor.

The building fabric and air permeability reduce space heating demands, the remaining requirements are met by biomass boilers, housed at the edge of the site. On-site biomass generation has also been investigated due to the large area of the site which is landscaped. The biomass heating provides a source of low carbon fuel as well as access to the Renewable Heat Incentive, assisting the hospice with fuel bills for the years ahead.

Detailed consideration to the building access, security and operation has been undertaken with several consultations being made with staff, visitors and users. This has evolved into a very specific and bespoke arrangement which provides the hospice with precise access arrangements sensitive to all, ranging from staff, occupants, day visitors and family members.

Atelier Ten is looking to deliver a building the hospice can be proud of, a building that works for the client, and caters to their needs. Understanding the needs of the hospice and witnessing the enthusiasm of the staff towards patient care has inspired the team to create a building deserving of Glasgow’s Hospice.