Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Patient and family experience 

The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice is building Glasgow's new hospice for the people of Glasgow.

The thought put into the building and the design itself has all been about the patient experience.

Alastair Forbes, architect:

"When I came on board I was asked to spend some time in a bed on the ward in the hospice.

"From the bed I could see what a patient sees; how much of the ceiling they see, how much they see or can't see out of a window.

"Its a very clinical environment, with the noises, the smells, the proximity to other staff and patients.

"I took a picture of myself while I was there so that I could refer back to it throughout the process.

"It's all about going back to that photo and asking about giving a patient choice.

"To remember we make buildings for people and with this building that is especially important to always have at the beginning of all decisions made."

In Glasgow's new hospice we will always put patient and families first.

From the design of our new patient and family friendly kitchens that will let those who stay and visit us eat together with their loved ones.

To the family bedrooms where people can stay together to be close to each other.

To the new services for young people aged 16 upwards we are providing.

Our aim is to make the patient experience the centre of the new hospice in every part of the building.

Rhona Baillie, chief executive, The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice:

"The environment can actually improve a patient’s symptoms because if you have anxiety quite often that can heighten a patient’s physical pain.

"If we can help to control that anxiety and make the patient feel more relaxed, in an environment that they are very comfortable in, then that can help their overall physical state."

To help us finish building this great healthcare legacy for the city and people of Glasgow please donate , thank you for all your support.


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View of new patient bedroom