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New hospice build update - July 2017

Anne Hattie, The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice’s director of operations, looks at the latest developments on the site of the new hospice at Bellahouston Park.

With more than 55% of the building complete, we’re now in week 43 and the new hospice is rapidly taking shape.

We’re now taking donors to visit and they can see progress in the area they have helped fund. It’s a very exciting time.

They can see the wonderful views patients will have across the park and over to the Victorian walled garden, and see where our seasonal gardens will sit.

Work has started on the biomass plant, that will produce heat and hot water for the building. And we have our first fix of plumbing in one area already.

A lot of the car park work has now been done and two of the four pre-cast stairwells are in place. And all of the facing brick work has started.

We’re on schedule and work is going according to plan. Even the wet weather we had recently hasn’t made much of an impact with gazebos going up to cover the bricks so the guys can still work.

Between August and September we’re hoping to make the building wind and water tight. Internal partitions have already started going up and they should all be in place by November. Work is well under way for electrical services, gas and water to go in.

Keeping a close eye on the budget is vitally important and we have done a lot of value engineering to bring costs down.

The equipment to kit out the new hospice has all been specced but not procured yet, again to help with the budget. We still need help with many small things outwith the main budget and the fundraising team is looking to find support for that.

We need bins, for example, and they are £21,000, from the big metal bins needed in the ward, that are about £200 each, to offices bins at £1. So hopefully this is something that can be donated. Dishwashers, TVs, fridges, mops and buckets might be other items we can get in this way. It’s important to remember that at one point we’ll be running two sites, so will need two sets of a lot of everyday items.

We have to make sure that money is spent on making the patient experience as comfortable as possible. So in every patient room, in the bespoke bedroom furniture, a drawer will open that will have a laptop for nurses to write up notes while they are with the patient.

In the bedrooms, patients can control the environment. We’re working on a remote control that will close the electric blinds on the doors leading out to the garden space, and open and close and electric curtain that leads into the patient social area. Lights can be dimmed, there will be a smart TV.

And we will have wi-fi everywhere because more and more visitors will be coming in who require access.

To try and imagine what it’s like to plan the move, it’s everything you have to do to move house but on a much bigger scale. That means everything from redirecting mail to setting up broadband.

Anne Hattie
Hospice director of operations

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