Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Art group visit to meet artist Jimmy Cosgrove

Jimmy Cosgrove has been working  across the disciplines of art and design for over 50 years. The exhibition included works from across his career including painting, drawing, collage, furniture, screen prints and sketchbooks. Jimmy trained as a cartographer while in the army as a young man and went on to become an engineer at the shipyards in Glasgow. He studied at Glasgow of Art as a mature student and went on to become a Tutor at the school, teaching screen printing, printed textiles  before going on to become Deputy Director. Jimmy continues to work as an artist and is now on the Board of Directors at House for An Art Lover.

Jimmy gave an interesting introduction to his work, explaining some of the creative processes he uses to generate compositions. He is prolific in gathering visual imagery from the worldaround him, photographing details in everyday life and reworking these using an App on his mobile phone, and recombining images from his many sketchbooks and archives to create new paintings. Jimmy also brought in a large collection of postcards he had painted and posted for friends and family members while on his travels around the world.

People were able to ask questions about the art work in the exhibition and Jimmy’s working practices, relating this to their own experience of making art work in the art room at the hospice. Creative challenges were shared and discussed and topics ranged from modern abstract art, to figurative drawing, to ‘happy accidents’. It was a great discussion and the feedback has been really positive. Jimmy gave everyone a copy of the publication accompanying the exhibition to take home with them.

It was also an opportunity for the Art Team to strengthen links with our soon to be new neighbours of the curatorial team at the Studio Pavilion in Bellahouston Park. We’re looking forward to creating new and exciting opportunities for people to engage with art and nature once we move across to Bellahouston Park.

The Studio Pavilion and the adjacent Heritage Centre is open to the public and has a varied programme of events. It is worth a visit  if you are in the area!